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Waffles & Scales Crochet Afghans.wmv

September 17, 2012 in Basic crochet

Youtuber, “tripiano’s” crochet skills are beyond advanced as well, I don’t know what the hell she’s saying. I know I’m wierd to watch and listen to videos I can’t understand the language. But Crochet is a universal skill. I learn by watching anyway. Her quiet demeanor and calm tones makes it easy for me to follow along with her. Though she goes fast at times. There’s where your own skills come in. So I figure Might as well, Cant read a pattern for shit! Lately, I’m in the mood for making Afghans and throws this year. But easier “NO” making a thousand square or strips!!! Fast FUN and Something I haven’t done before!!!! Sound likes that’s asking a bit MUCH! But when you’re talking about a Queen Crochette that’s a different story (except I don’t do thread crochet, I already can’t see —that would blind me!!!) Can You Get Over that, I Haven’t made a slipper this year! LMBO! Also I’m searching the horizions for interesting looks and textures with bold colors and a certain uniqueness BUT SIMPLE (so to say!)….Hey, well that’s what I do ALL THE TIME…and these afghan ideas will be the perfect gifts I plan on making each of my sisters a special afghan keepsake. I’ll post a tutorial video on what works for me making this stitches. When I can get to it!!!! Stay Posted

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