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The making of my Mad Hatter hat!

October 11, 2012 in Crochet flowers

I’m a TOTAL newbie to making videos let alone posting them to youtube so please forgive me for the bad sound in the song and anything else that might be wrong with this video, NEWBIE please keep that in mind :D I was inspired by this video by threadbangers, it helped me SO much! This is not where i got my hat pins but wish i had my teapot one anyway! They tell you how and have the awesomely cute tea pot charms to use. This is just a few pictures I took while I was in the process of making my Mad Hatter’s hat. I know i skipped a couple steps but there was a point where i had a little difficulty and stopped taking pictures cause i was dealing with the hat but i hope that what i do post might help someone a little. It was pretty easy accept i had some trouble with the rim only because i didn’t have pins and glued it instead of sewing it. I didn’t do any sewing at all, i used the liqued seem. Anyway i wanted one to wear to the movie premiere and for the price that disney was asking for theirs i wasn’t impressed with them at all, i mean they were ok but didn’t have the hat pins or much of anything else. I went looking for one to buy when i came upon this video to make one and thought, “that looks easy enough” So i went to goodwill, bought a brown stretchy dress with the lace overlay and a salmon colored sheet for the tie. Bought gold knitting needles at the local “mart” store, snipped the knitting ends of those off and glued

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Easy Crochet Headband for Winter, Threadbanger Projects

September 29, 2012 in Basic crochet

This week Corinne shows us how-to make an easy crocheted headband in 3 styles. Plus, crochet patterns from ETSY and awesome crocheted projects from the Threadbanger Forums. Llama: Doggie Coat Lamb Hat: Wrist Warmers Fortune Cookies: Baby Mary Janes: Reika059 crocheted mad hatter hat: Shy Lion cat: Silje Converse booties: Smudgeness crochet snowflake: April Draven: Angry Hippie hand spun yarn: Blog Round-up Small Crochet Projects: Our Website Our Blog http Submit a Video to Us! Our Twitter Our Facebook

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