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KNITFreedom – Toe-Up Socks Pattern Overview: How to Knit Basic Socks from the Toe Up

August 13, 2012 in Knitting socks

Learn to knit toe-up socks at Here is an overview of how to knit toe-up socks. Toe-up socks are a fun, portable, and gift-able project, and the perfect way to learn and practice the techniques that are going to take you to Knitting Superstardom. What is toe-up? Making socks from the toe-up is the norm in most European countries, but it is less prevalent in America. The sock is simply constructed starting at the toe and ending with the cuff. Never run out of yarn Knitting socks from the toe-up enables you to use all the yarn you have, without ever worrying about running out before you finish, like you might with a traditional top-down sock. It even lets you use leftover yarn to make ankle- and slipper-socks, without having to guess how long you should make the cuff. Make custom cuff-lengths In fact, you can go the opposite route and make knee-socks, showing off today’s lovely patterned yarns for 11-12 inched of gorgeous sock! Again, without ever having to guess ahead of time how long you need to make the cuff. Try on as you go Being able to try your sock on as you knit it means your sock will fit perfectly every time, or, if it doesn’t, you’ll at least find out before you finish! You can adjust the fit of your sock so that it matches your foot and leg exactly. What is two-at-a-time? Making socks two-at-a-time (abbreviate 2@at) is a fantastic new technique made possible by the discovery of Magic Loop and the 2 Circs methods. Using a clever cast-on, you

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