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KNITFreedom – How to Knit Legwarmers – Cabled Legwarmer Pattern Overview

August 23, 2012 in Knitting patterns – Here is an overview of how to knit cabled legwarmers. While making these legwarmers, I’m going to teach you a large set of techniques designed to propel you towards Knitting Superstardom, without even realizing it. These legwarmers are the perfect project to learn a whole new set of skills! First, we’ll learn to read from a cable chart, instead of a written pattern. Then, I’ll teach you how to cable with and without a cable needle. We’ll cover four diferent types of cables in this project, ensuring that you’ll be able to interpret and correctly execute any kind of cable pattern. As we knit, I’ll show you how to make buttonholes, as well as how to recognize and fix any mistakes you may make as you knit. I’ll then show you how to bind off in pattern, and a really fast way to make a twisted-cord tie to top off the whole project.

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