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KNITFreedom – The Ultimate Mitten Thumb

September 9, 2012 in Knitting patterns

Visit to watch the entire video course and get more great tips to help you learn how to knit two-at-a-time mittens. What is the secret to the ultimate mitten thumb? I’ve discovered two requirements: First, the mitten thumb has to be offset about half an inch. If your pattern ignores the natural position of the thumb, you’ll end up having to hold your thumb right next to your hand – not very comfortable. An added challenge: when designing for two-at-a-tine, the stitches have to be perfectly set up from the get-go: you can’t adjust the stitches once you’ve started. So to offset a thumb correctly, the trick is to figure out how many stitches you need for the offset, plan out where each stitch will go, and then divide the stitches correctly for Magic Loop right at the beginning. Second, the thumb has to start wide and taper quickly. For the perfect mitten thumb, you need to pick up and knit as many stitches as can possibly fit between the hand and the thumb, but be careful — the thicker your yarn, the fewer stitches you can pick up before things start getting unwieldy. Then, in order to rapidly taper the hand into the thumb without any holes, you have to decrease many times in the same row, until the knitting matches the circumference of your thumb. Today on the blog, practice your skills with two long-awaited free patterns: Worsted and Chunky-Weight Mittens for Magic Loop. Download the patterns here: Learn to knit mittens at

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