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HOW TO CROCHET A BEGINNER COWL, scarf, crochet lessons, accessories, clothing

August 5, 2012 in Basic crochet

www.etsy.com Free crochet pattern for a beginner cowl scarf, brought to you by Carlitto Pattern Shop, specializing in patterns for beginners. (You can get the written instructions for this cowl in my Etsy shop by clicking on “read more” in the first paragraph under my shop banner. Here’s the link to my shop: www.etsy.com CHAIN STITCH: www.youtube.com SINGLE CROCHET; www.youtube.com DOUBLE CROCHET: www.youtube.com FASTEN OFF AND WEAVE IN: www.youtube.com SHAWL PIN: www.youtube.com BEGINNER COWL: www.youtube.com BEGINNER SHRUG: www.youtube.com

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